Glart ® Mattress


GLART® Mattress, Magic Mattress!

2月 202021



It is GLART mattress! A very amazing mattress, also called super size pillow, could easily correct head shape, include flat head, boat head, tilted head and all irregular head shape (Plagiocephaly Brachycephaly Scaphocephaly).

According report from hospital, it is very effective around 97%, at least 68% correction after 6 months of use.

NOTE: How to use it? Very Easy! Pls put it under bed sheet, and put baby 's head in U groove, done! No need to interfere with your baby's sleeping position. Any sleep pose ok. In summer, pls put it under summer sleeping mat for baby.

NOTE: Will baby refuse it? Most baby will accept the mattress quick, but some not. If baby refuse to sleep on it, please fill some pillow towel in U groove until feel comfortable. You can take away towels after baby adapts it after few weeks slowly. It can be used until one and a half years old.

NOTE: How can I see the result? Yes, Take photo with same point of view, then you will see good result in few weeks (2-3 weeks then you can compare it if baby under 8 months, 4-9 weeks then you can compare it if baby older than 8 months). Any baby in 12 months will have a very nice round head shape after 3-6 months using.


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